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Welcome, is more than my store, it’s a school. My goal is to inspire you with wisdom that you may succeed beyond your wildest dreams. I can change your life today. I want you to be as confident and capable as me. Hang on to every word I say, because it is all very important. Knowledge is power, the more you know, they more you see. Seeing the future is nothing more than knowledge. That’s right, I mean that literally, you’ll be able to predict the future. Life will seem effortless, as if you can pull everything you need out of thin air. Sound good? Read on…

First, get your mind right: give up all fear and worry. Humble yourself and become selfless because you are in business to serve. You must know that you have infinite value, all of which is useless unless you share. You have to give graciously in order to receive. The thought of losing everything should not cross your mind, and if it does, it should not scare you. How much you earn is proportional to the quality of your contributions. Practice makes perfect.

The domain market is huge and there are jaw dropping numbers to back that up. The value of good domains is increasing all the time. The good news is: serious investors are few and far between. There’s plenty of room for you! You don’t even need to be ‘good’ at first but, be fearless, patient and willing to learn. Most people dream of having their own website business. Many make that dream a reality. Next, they want to be the best and most popular within their niche. The key to the success in which they seek is a great domain name…most of them missed that memo.

Domain names are very dynamic. There are not many silver bullets. Like most investments, the biggest and easiest gains come from the ability to see value where many others do not. Domains are being bought and registered by savvy investors every second of every day. Don’t be fooled though, you can lose money in this game. This is not fool proof. However, if you are smart and learn from other honest experts before blowing your wad, it is the easiest honest money you will probably ever make.

All you need is a little investment. A few hundred or thousand, whatever, it doesn’t matter…what maters is that you can wait until the right person comes along. Let them find you, and when they do, let them know upfront, “What you just figured out, I have known for a long time…” You could get easily get paid 10,100, even 1000 times your initial investment! It happens all the time in domaining, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly. No one beside you and the buyer need think it’s worth so much…in fact, up until your sale, most people will think it’s worth only a few bucks, maybe what you paid to acquire the name, probably even less! Ironically the reason you’ll be making money hand over fist is that very same reason – most people can’t believe it! They are too blind and afraid to notice this huge pie at our table.

I have a domain store, and I hope you buy something from it. Not for me, but for you. You might balk at some of the prices, then again, you might think one is a super good deal. That’s because you and I have different visions, and that’s fine. If you buy a domain from me you will be doing so at a fair price. In the future I will be increasing the prices, because that’s what’s happening with good domains – they go up! Buying a domain from me will help you analyze all the different emotions and thought processes, eventually helping you understand fair value of such a subjective asset. You need to learn before you go too far, especially if you’re new at this, struggling, or unsure of yourself.

Soon after you buy one of my domains you should being brainstorming as you continue learning: Imagine how and when you’re going effectively flip it for the highest profit. Examine potential end users and write a pitch targeting the most sensible ones. Make the buyer understand that you know the value of what you have before they establish an inquiry. You need to prove that your valuations are based on experience and facts, not the buyers pocket book. Set expectations, and don’t settle for a dollar less than those expectations.

With premium membership you’ll unlock the rest of the site – a wealth of prepared information. A treasure trove of tips, insights, and predictions that will make your head spin; you will be consumed by happiness and excitement. I am here to serve you. Why? This pie is too big, I can not eat it all myself.

Maybe you just like reading what I have to say! Truth is, this is fluff compared to the resources members have. Do you wonder if I am really as good as I make myself out to be? Do you think I have secrets to share or angles practically everyone else is missing? You’d better bet on it.  In any case, read on while it’s still free.

There are many opportunities with domains, right now and in the future too. It’s not too late for you. I can, and will show you the next big play…and the next, and the next. By the time you read my entire site you will understand what a good domain is. Furthermore, I show you the light so that you can do it all yourself! You’ll be there, snapping up gems for pennies on the dollar. Time is of importance though – nothing this good lasts forever.

Be aware: there are many experts that will lie! So called ‘experts’ giving bad advice, directing people away from the next big thing! They do this for a couple of reasons. One reason, pure greed. They want more time to grab the gems without your competition. Secondly, they are so invested in their archaic profiles that they stand to lose a lot when the general sentiment shifts. Get that? They are misleading you to sell your their garbage while they still can. If you put all the opinions together it would just be a bunch of conflicting information. You would end up making your own decisions anyways. I can’t make decisions for you neither. I can’t register or catch names for you, but I can teach you how to fish, so to speak.

I will push you to your ‘ah-ha’ moment. I want to put you there! I want to help you for a small ‘good faith fee’.  I used to give away bits and pieces for free but got annoyed. Arguing with Mr. know-it-all as he parrots everyone else. Those without an ounce creativity or foresight. They mindlessly chase trends, pumping what’s hot, but in the end up holding the bag. Besides, I don’t want to advise the whole world – some people just don’t deserve it. I respect the bold, faithful and passionate. I respect anyone willing to put their money where their mouth is. After all, that’s me. 

Need more convincing?